htpc help please

this is the new pc that I will be putting together in hopes of watching/recording ota hi def programming......

Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Media Center
Intel Core i5 3570k
MSI 277A-G41 LGA 1155 motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 660 TI 2gb video card
Kingston 8 gb DDR3-1600mhz ram
1TB SATA hard drive 7200 rpm
Hauppauge 2250 dual tv tuner card
Pioneer bdr2209 blu ray burner

I will be connecting a ViewSonic VG2236wm 1080p LED monitor via dvi.

Will this setup allow me to watch the hi def programing just like a tv?
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  1. I think that is some awfully powerful hardware to just use it as an HTPC. If you havent bought it yet, dont. If you plan on gaming as well, then it is fine. But just for HTPC duties, thats a lot of money to spend.
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    That's is a powerful HTPC and you really don't need the 660ti or 8gb ram for those duties. My HTPC has an i3 with Intel graphics on it and 4gb ram which is more than good enough.

    I would consider sticking in a small SSD for your OS, a 2TB HDD to store all your media and recordings and just going with a Blu Ray player but you may have a good use for your burner.

    I added an external USB 3.0 2TB HDD drive to mine to back everything up on. When you get your media collection just how you like it it's a big blow for a HDD failure.
  3. I will be using it for work as well, but I appreciate the information
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