Short stutter for 2 seconds during audio playback and gaming

Hello everyone!

I just built a new PC, but it has short stutters for about 1-2 seconds when the audio sounds distorted and 'dragged'. It happens frequently when I am playing Battlefield 4, about once every 2-3 mins, and ocasionally when playing music from iTunes. The screen also seems to either freeze or lag.

I have already used MSI afterburner to track if the GPU is overheating, it is at about 60 degrees while playing BF4, and I didn't notice any unusual CPU usage spikes in task manager. I have also updated the graphics card drivers, yet the problem persists.

I used Device Manager to update the Realtek and AMD sound drivers, but Device Manager said they were already up-to-date.

My parts are
Asrock H87M Pro4
MSI R9 270X OC Gaming Edition
8GB Kingston CL11 Value Ram
120GB Corsair SSD
2TB Toshiba 7200rpm HDD
Seasonic S12 600W PSU
Sharkoon T28 case (has 2 intake and 1 exhaust fan)

Can somebody please help me out? Thanks so much! All your replies are greatly appreciated.
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    This sounds like a driver incompatibility. I have dealt with similar issues before. What BIOS version are you running?

    Many of the old BIOS versions on new boards do not fully support new GPUs. If you have the most recent BIOS version, start by completely uninstalling the GPU driver and sound driver. Then download the most recent driver for the GPU from AMD and go to the motherboard website and download the most recent sound driver. are the BIOS downloads.
  2. CPU-Z says it's Version P1.20 by American Megatrends Inc...saw the warning on Asrock's website warning people not to install other versions of BIOS if the current version is already stable. Any idea on that?

    Trying to update the audio drivers now. Thanks!
  3. You need to boot into the BIOS and check the BIOS version there. Also, that warning is only for protection if people mess up while updating the BIOS and try to sue them.
  4. Audio drivers updated but the issue still persists...
  5. What is your BIOS version?
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