Help with my first fully built gaming rig on choosing the right components

Corsair H100i
MSI Mpower Z87
G.Skill Trident X 16GB 2400MHz CL10
Gigabyte R9 290

I will be using this build for gaming, mostly Battlefield 4 and would like the machine to last at least 3-5 years and i don't mind turning down the graphics options on the newer games.

I will be overclocking the CPU to the highest It can hold to without any issues if that helps :P

I have done too much internet researching and have been bouncing around for what would be the best "Bang For Buck" but keep on coming back to the parts that I listed above...
If anyone has any better ideas that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. has a great couple videos on choosing components and finishing the build. Check them out:
  2. Watching it now.. 24 minutes.. here I go :P
  3. Ive also got a Cooler Master HAF932 with a custom loadout of fans to provide the best possible airflow i could get in the case, and will be picking up a Sea Sonic X 750w PSU to power all of the new components :P
  4. That video really does not help at all :P .. I have been building normal basic workstation computers for about 7 years now and now just asking what the best internal puzzle pieces would be.
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