Which CPU cooler should I buy?

My CPU is kinda over-heating so i am thinking of adding an after-market cooler to it

My case is Cooler master k350 and it wont fit CM hyper 212 evo , so if anyone can suggest me a good cooler in the same price range as CM hyper 212 would be great.

I wont be able to change my case as its brand new ( 2 -3 days old ) recently I purchased an xfx 280x and i had to purchase a case too. my Budget would be like 50-60$ ( INR 3500 )
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  1. try the Thermaltake NIC5 same performance if not better than the 212 but smaller
  2. Cool, But will the thermaltake NIC5 fit in Cooler master k350 mid tower case?
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    Those cases are tiny xD

    Its a touch out of your price range, but I would really recommend getting an h60 or some similar AIO water cooling unit. It will help keep your case temps lower which lets it focus on keeping your graphics cards cooler.
  4. it might, it has a lower profile than say the V6, V8 or 212
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