4TB internal recommendation for W7 64 bit desktop PC

I have pretty much maxed out my current storage and am looking to purchase a 4 TB internal HDD for my W7 64 bit desktop PC.

I have a mix of Seagate and WD internal HDD's installed currently and have had zero issues.
I dont necessarily have to stick with any particular brand. It has been a while since I've looked at drives so I dont know what manufacturer is currently recommended.

The 3 internal HDD's are all 2 TB with my primary drive being a WD 2 TB Black Caviar.

The purpose of the new drive will be media.

Any recommendations?

Also, how about an external dock recommendation for whatever 2 TB HDD I remove?
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  1. You can go with 4TB edition of WD Black Caviar or if you are using NAS then 4TB WD Red Caviar. If on budget then WD 4TB Caviar Blue. Yes all WD :).

    Pl check this link for various external dock/enclosure options:

    Happy hunting!
  2. If this will be mostly media/storage, you may even want to go with a WD Green drive, unless you want to go with the longer warranty of the WD blacks.
  3. I am not using NAS.

    I have my house networked with several televisions and other devices pulling media from my PC. Would a slower HDD, like the WD green drive give me performance problems, like buffering?
  4. I've used their green drives for streaming a/v, but never video to multiple devices at once. If you will be streaming HD video to multiple devices simultaneously, you may want to stick with one of the other models.
  5. Hey dear, sorry for late reply. WD Blue series is 7200 RPM whereas Green is 5400 RPM and with only $5 difference I don't think you would be going to Green. :)
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    Streaming audio/video is sequential access.

    WD Green Power drives comparisons vs. traditional 7,200 RPM drives
    Answer ID 3892 | Last Updated 03/04/2011
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    Overall, this product meets the performance requirements of most applications while delivering significantly less power consumption. If your application requires mostly sequential read/writes, then the drive will perform comparable to a 7,200 RPM drive. However, if your application performs mostly random mode operations, then the performance may drop by about 10% because of the latency time. If the Green Power product does not meet your performance needs then we have our Raid Edition line of 7,200 RPM Enterprise drives that will deliver the performance you need at the industry’s best reliability.
  7. Dear if you are really into streaming thing then better opt for this series from WD:

    Otherwise you can also opt for MyCloud Storage of WD:

    Still, I would suggest WD Blue series drive if you are not going for above options.
  8. first step would be to verify your motherbd actually supports a 4tb drive.

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