NVIDIA 334.89 driver stuck at "Installing graphics driver"

I was notified of a graphics card update for my GTX 650 Ti and it just seems to stop and not move at installing graphics driver?
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  1. Right click on setup and choose "Run as Administrator". If that doesn't solve the issue, run in safe mode.
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    Yeah, I'm having a similar issue. But it's not getting stuck at the same point. First time I tried to install it, it froze at "installing 3D vision driver" then it stopped at "installing HD Audio driver," then finally at "installing graphics driver." After the third time I tried to run it as administrator and it told me it couldn't install the driver at all.

    EDIT: I restarted the computer then ran it as admin. Seems to have worked.
    PS: Driver was installed for a GTX 690 if that makes any difference.
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