1.0 ghz quad vs 1.5 ghz dual

I'm looking at two laptops currently, debating on which to get. Main difference between two is the cpu. I was just wondering would the 1.0 ghz quad core have an advantage over the 1.5 ghz dual.
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  1. Depends what models you're talking about. Clock frequencies (GHz) are not reliable indicators of performance per core.
  2. Both from amd or intel?
    give us the processor model so we can anser it better
  3. Given the efficiency of current operating systems when using quad core CPU's, I would happily reccomend a quad core over a dual core. (This is presuming they're both 'entry level')
  4. the dual core one is the Intel Celeron while the quad core is an AMD A6-150
  5. which celerom model? ivi/haswell based? if yes go for it, its miles better.
  6. There is no A6-150 AFAIK. Do you mean A6-1450?
  7. Sorry left out the 4 by accident. The Celeron is the 1007u.
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    The A6-1450 is based on the low-power Jaguar architecture. That has very low performance per clock and per core. The Celeron 1007U may only have half as many cores, but each of them runs at 50% higher clocks and gets a lot more work done per clock. It's going to be faster in most cases.
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