Need help deciding what gpu to get......

Im getting an R9 270x but I dont know which brand to get, they both come with battlefield 4
Im no good at overclocking so they will stay as they are, but I dont know which one is better
Can someone also tell me what the "Boost clock" means?



Thanks :)

Oh and I know one is clocked slightly higher than the other but the msi gpu has a higher boost mhz, how does this effect things?
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    The small difference in clock speed will make a small difference, yes. I don't know if it is enough to tell if they were used side by side tho. I have had excellent luck with both brands. Just be sure the longer card will fit your case w/o running into drives or something.

    I have a pair of older MSI GTX 660 OC cards in my system now. I like the over-sized pipes they put in the heat sync.
  2. Thanks, I'll go with the gigabyte card as I've dealt with that brand before
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