ASRock Extreme3 behaving extremely eratically

I built a gaming computer about two months ago. It survived a move just fine, and last night I played on it with everything running smoothly. I updated AVG's free security suite and shut down with Windows updates before I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, the computer started behaving at almost a hundredth of its normal speed, with severe lag and speed issues with even the BIOS. I can't access the BIOS menu, and System Restore is failing to operate. Any recommendations on what else I can do, or will I need to get a new motherboard?
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    It's slow to BIOS... That's pretty strange. Since you haven't gotten an answer yet, I'll try to help out!

    Do you get any POST error messages?

    Check that the power connections are well seated, specifically the ATX and CPU-power connections.
    Also, check that the CPU is well seated.
    Do you have a motherboard speaker? If so, take note of the "beeps" it makes. They have a significance, and can signal an error.

    I find it strange that the PC boots to BIOS up in the first place.
    Try removing all unnecessary hardware (HDDs/SSDs, video cards, all but one stick of memory) running MemTest86 to test the memory, one stick at a time.

    Keep us posted.
  2. No motherboard speaker, and no beeps. I left it alone for about an hour and it finally booted up. When I said BIOS, I was referring to the boot screen, not necessarily the menus and such. That said, thanks for the tips. I'll look them over when I get the time.
  3. Also, I had Microsoft's diagnostic tool run a scan on the RAM. It reported back just fine. Still, checking all the cards can't hurt.
  4. Yeah, getting all the power connections resecured, as well as carefully removing and placing back in the memory sticks seems to have fixed it. Thanks!
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