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I am looking to run 2 HD 5870's in this machine. I already have 1 card it is a ASUS V2 ( the one with 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 display port). I cant seem to find another card that matches mine exactly. I can find the V1 card that from my understanding is longer and has 2 DVI ports and I can find the eyeinfity version that has all display ports. Can I use any of these cards in crossfire or do I have to have the one that matches my card exactly? And also I have a 800 watt powers supply and from my understanding that should be plenty of power but just wanna make sure.
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    You can use any other 5870 that you can find. As long as it is the same gpu, they are completely compatible. This is actually a farely large misconception that cards must match exactly for them to crossfire. As for the PSU, 800w is plenty of power for those two cards.
  2. Good deal. I figured I could use any hd 5870 but just wanted to make sure. Think I am gonna go with the eyeinfity card.
  3. I enjoy helping whenever possible. Please don't forget to pick a solution.
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