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hi i use a program and when it messes up (not responding) i try to close it and it does then i goto task manager and its still there so i hit end task and nothing happends it just stays there. then i click on the program again and it opens but in task manager it shows 2 of them how do i get it to shut down without having to restart computer everytime
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  1. When you talk about the program showing up after you exited out of it, is it listed under Processes, App History, details, or services in Task Manager?
  2. under processes
  3. Odd. In the processes tab is it listed under Apps or Background processes? Also, after you close the program does it cause any problems with your computer such as the computer is running slow, frozen, or is unresponsive?
  4. under background and no it doesnt seem to slow anything down i have to click the program 5 or 6 times to get it to open again and it shows for each time im also using windows 8 it came on this laptop wish it had 7 it was alot better
  5. Okay if it is running in a background process, just leave it. It will not cause any harm, and what was the program? It may not be compatible with Win 8, that could by why it hangs all the time (a 'hang' is what we refer to a program that displays (Not Responding) at the top.
  6. utorrent the latest version
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    Yes, just leave it running in the background after you close it. It is supposed to do that. As for it hanging, just make sure you are running an updated version and if the problem still persists try a different torrenting service such as BitTorrent. Remember to only torrent legally ;) (I don't condone torrenting at any level, also)
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