GTX 275 Getting HOT!

I'm worried about my EVGA GTX 275 with the addition of a 27" monitor she is pushing 90 degrees Celsius and thats a bit higher then the normal 83 which was hot enough.

Any thoughts on how I can cool this card down a bit?

Currently have the following:
120mm Front
120mm Back
80mm Slot on side (empty atm)

Free slots above and below the card (no other cards in use).

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  1. Try leaving the side off and see what happens. I was having a problem with heat on my old 6870s and I took the side off and added a setup like this its like 25 bucks
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    As old as that card is, I would imagine it is time to clean off the old thermal paste and replace it with new. After years of use, it gets dried out and looses its thermal conductivity.
  3. Agreed with clutchc. Also may want to get some new thermal pads. I just got a GTX480 from a friend. Thing was super dirty. I took off the old thermal pads that go on the memory and got new ones at Frozen CPU. 30 bucks plus shipping but its high grade stuff and its a lot.
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