What is the best and cheapest graphics card upgrade (200-300 usd) for an Alienware m17x r4 with an NVIDIA geforce gtx 675m?

I currently own an Alienware M17x R4 laptop with a video card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 657m that I would like to upgrade, if possible. What would be the best possible graphics card upgrade in a $200-$300 usd price range?
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  1. There is no upgrade. Due to laptops compact design they are proprietary so you can't change parts out other than ram and sometimes cpu
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    The answer is nothing.

    While you can upgrade the graphics card in an alienware laptop finding a suitable MXM format graphics card finding a card is very difficult. Ebay is generally the only place.

    The GTX 675m itself sells for over $400 so buying an "upgrade" for only $200 - $300 is basically impossible.

    Here's a refurbished GTX 675m selling for $427.
  3. I just bought the same laptop with the amd/ati card and was wondering if i can put an gtx980m kit in there.
    Seen some on ebay that says it will work.
  4. Yes, you can put in the 9xxm series. The kit is easily enough applied, get onto notebookreview and search their forums. I currently have my r4 with a 980 on a custom bios, i got from that site for win 8.1 that's flawless.

    And to the person that posted laptops aren't upgradeable. you really need to lookup information instead of spilling out garbage for new people that don't know any better. Certain laptops, 17x r4 being one of them, are completely upgradeable from the floor up. My r4 is running fallout 4 on ultra, 60fps, and is over 2 years old.
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