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Hey guy, the title says it all. I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop. I want this to be a replacement for my console. I am a computer science student so I also need it for college. I would like to be able to stream to twitch. The only preference I have it that it has to be around 15" screen as I will be carrying it around all the time. I'm open to all suggestions. I purposely didn't mention any brands as I want pure advise from the good people at Tom's Hardware. My budget is flexible its around €1200. Thanks for the help.
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    As far as slim laptops go, check out the Gigabyte P35K, or the Lenovo Y510P. You can get the latter in a SLI 755M setup, but it'll have no DVD drive. the P35K comes with a 765M. Those are the best two I can think of in that size range off the top of my head.
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