Mushkin Scorpion deluxe 480GB Pcie x8 ssd power supply

Hello -

Did not realize that the Scorpion deluxe 480GB pcie ssd requires a sata power connection when I ordered it...
The problem is that I am trying to install this on a server (Dell Poweredge R715) and the server does not have any extra power connections....there is a slimline sata connector for the optical drive and was looking for an adapter that I could possibly use to get power to this card as an option...not sure if this would even work because the connector that feeds the power to the optical drive has only two wires a black and red...wikipedia says that the red wire is usually 5v on the slimline connector and for a standard sata power connector there are a orange(3.3v), red(5v), and a yellow(12v)...

This is what it looks like the slimline connector looks like...

The server also has 6 sas drive bays that use 2.5" sas drives....I am not using all of them and was wondering if I could use a cable adapter just for the power supply to the pcie ssd card. Would have to route the cable to the pcie card somehow....was also thinking about splicing the power connector to the motherboard to get the appropriate power to the card but could not find a pinout diagram of the connector for the various voltages...and not really comfortable with doing that since I never have...

Any ideas or suggestions?

Here is a link to Dells technical guide for this 17 has a cable diagram

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    Ooooo... Well being a Certified Dell Reseller i have sold many Rack servers. Only one server did i ever get was an AMD though. Most are intel, but there is one thing i don't like about dell rack servers. They don't have ANY extra power connectors! Now i'm not really sure if you can even do anything. The adapter you are talking about is mean to hoot up a slimline DVD not to hook something else up. It only carries the 5v and the ground. It doesn't have the 12v (Yellow) and 3.3 v (Orange) that you will most likely need for the SSD. I find it odd that they need a sata connector for that? Now have you tried using it with out the sata power??

    I would contact dell and see if they have any suggestions. Otherwise if there is absolutly nothing they can do, and you HAVE to use that. I wouldn't really reccomend it at all BUT you could use an external power source like this

    and then route i through a back plate. But I don't know how or why that SSD needs external power and what would happen if the server turned off and it still had power. again that would be a last resort. If i had the server to look at better i could help out some but i can't even find good pics of it on the inside.

    Ok so i just opened up a PE2970 that we have laying around. And they use this connector

    to connect to the DVD AND it has a Molex breakout built in. Not sure how the sata is connected on the R715 but if the cable looks like that you might get lucky and just gotta get the part.

    The part number of the one i got is CN-0WY366

    I'll be here to help out with what i can!
  2. drtweak -

    Contacted Dell, said i would have to find a 3rd party solution. Contacted mushkin who makes this pcie ssd and they said it needs the 12v going to the card.

    I have an external power supply like the one you mentioned, but dont want to go that route because not sure if it will damage the server since it is always on unless i unplug it. Might forget to unplug or something and not sure if that would damage the card or server.

    Not my ideal setup but I just ordered this cable that I thinking about using for just the power supply
    It gets connected to an open sas hd drive bay on the server...not sure if this would cause any damage either
    since I am only going to use it only for the power supply and not a hard drive

    Now since this cable is only 12" I need to find a long extension cable so I can route the power to the pcie ssd card...

    which ideally would be an sata male to female power extension...
  3. Yea I was thinking about finding a way to get the power from an unused SAS slot. Hopefully you should be able to keep it inside and route it though the Chassis and not out side. And yes they make SATA power extension cables. I don't see how that would hurt anything at all unless it got cut on the Chassis somewhere and shorted out.
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