Will mobile cpu work with Desktop mobo?

I have a dell poweredge 600sc, it has a 2.8ghz 533mhz front size bus with socket 478. I want to upgrade my cpu and I know i can upgrade it to a 3.06ghz pentium 4, but thats as high as i found it can go. However, i found a mobile version that is at 3.33ghz 533mhz fsb with a socket type of 478
would this cpu work?
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    It depends on whether or not the motherboard would support it, which I don't know but it might very well not.
    Also, just FYI, even if it could work, buying refurbished parts off EBAY can easily get you a DOA product, because of improper shipping, ect.
    And Wikipedia seems to imply it wont work:
    "While the Intel mobile CPUs are available in 478-pin packages, they in fact only operate in a range of slightly differing sockets, Socket 479, Socket M, and Socket P, each incompatible with the other two."
  2. Probably won't work, and if it did, you'd see very, very little difference.
    There is more to performance than just GHz.
  3. Thank for your time guys!
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