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Over the past few days I've had some problems with my computer which has resulted in the loss of 2 mechanical drives. At the minute I have a 120GB SSD with Win 8.1 installed on it and a single 1TB for games and media. I was thinking of sticking a second SSD in my machine purely to hold games around 240GB. I'm pretty tight on cash at the minute so I was thinking of picking up a 120GB and then a second at a later date to put into a RAID 0. I've heard that SSD's suffer in performance from a RAID 0 configuration over time, can someone tell me if this is the case? If it is the case what sort of time frame and to what extent does performance diminish to?

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  1. pfunkmd said:


    Yes I've already read that review thanks dude. It tests a newly setup system but does not go into performance over time as far as I can see??

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    GavinHolder said:
    I've heard that SSD's suffer in performance from a RAID 0 configuration over time, can someone tell me if this is the case?

    That is potentially true.
    SSDs in RAID-0 do not support TRIM unless you have an Intel 7-Series motherboard. But all SSDs use idle Garbage Collection in addition to TRIM in order to maintain drive performance.

    So if you have SSDs in RAID-0 and don't have an Intel 7-Series motherboard then all you have to do is let your system idle (preferably at the Windows login screen) overnight while you sleep once or twice a month so that GC can do its thing.

    Make sure in the Windows Power Options that your drive is set to "Never shut down" so that power is being supplied continuously to your drives while your system idles.
  3. There is no need for a RAID. Simply add another drive. C drive, D drive, E drive.

    You gain little if any performance over just discreet drives, and increase the fail potential.
  4. If you have a valid backup strategy in place I'm ok with raid setups.
    Be aware that you cannot go from a single drive to a raid 0 without losing everything that was on the existing drive UNLESS the existing drive was intitially setup as 'Raid Ready'.

    using Raid will mean enabling raid on your motherbd which may make your current windows install unbootable. you may simply need to add the drive as a single drive in the raid bios or you may wind up reinstalling everything you have.

    Since you dont list your system specs we cant really help you further. Have a read thru your motherbds manual in the raid section. It may offer insight on how best to setup what you want to do. For instance some motherbds allow you to have some sata ports not in raid mode.

    ps - my drives are all raid0's, the main boot array is SSD's and I have never even let them sit to do garbage collection. its been over 2 yrs now and I still have full speed from them. I image GC runs while I game though (which has been Rift for the past few/many months)
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