USB Keyboard and Mouse not being recognized after bad system update

I have a iBUYPOWER Revolt that runs Windows 8, the other night before I went to bed I shut down my computer and saw that it had an update. So I selected "Updated and Shut down" and let the update happen, I noticed that only at 30% had my computer shut itself off. Not until the next day I realize that something bad had happened, I went to turn it on and when it did it went to my desktop and Google Chrome which was still open when I shut it down (I know it's not the best to do it, but I was tired). I was a bit surprised but thought nothing of it until a random pop up window came up with the error sound and likewise said there was an error. I hit OK but it kept popping up so I went to shut it down, after I selected it nothing was happening so I tried selecting restart. Oh, and it still said "Update and" with the selections. Neither worked, so I shut it off manually and turned it back on. It went to the update page with the percentage and file locations, but it told me that and error had occurred and told me to refer to "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO"

At that point I thought my computer was done for, I sat there for half and hour while it attempted to repair itself. It eventually did and I was relieved until I noticed that neither my USB keyboard nor my USB mouse were working. But something else I noticed today (the first time I've tried using it in about 4 days) it immediately brought me to the ASROCK menu, where my mouse and keyboard worked perfectly. Once I exited, and it got past the Windows logo and the loading symbol, and it was on the start screen before you unlock it and everything, the caps lock light on my keyboard had turned off.

I'm sorry for the super long explanation, I just didn't want to leave out any details. I don't know if my computer actually repaired itself or not, I can't access it any further since I have no keyboard or mouse. Oh, and both the mouse and keyboard came with the computer, and also they work fine on with my laptop that runs Windows 7. It'd be really great for any help, my computer is like my baby and I've felt awful not being able to do anything.

Also, I really don't have any money to buy new ones. I will of course, but only if there isn't anything else that can be done.
(If it'll help I can get my PC specs)
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  1. Can you remote desktop into the machine and use the remote's keyboard/mouse? You would need Win 8.1 Pro or better to do that, or a tool like 'Dameware' that can self install by remote as well.

    If no keyboard or mouse will work, I think you only have one option left: re-install the O/S from the original media, or boot to the recovery partition (if the manufacturer included one).
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