(Budget raised on 3/18/2014 10:48 PM originally was 300$) 500$(or less) Desktop PC for gaming (Preferably from

Does this computer seem good for gaming what games/video settings could I do on it, and if anyone finds any better deals for the same or lower price please post it.
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More about budget raised 2014 originally 300 500 desktop gaming preferably newegg
  1. That's too weak of a PC to do any serious gaming.

    Honestly 360 dollars is not enough for a gaming PC.

    You would barely play any game and barely have any fun with it.

    Advise : Either up your budget or wait for a while to get to at least 500 to 600 dollars then buy a system.
  2. this desktop will only play minecraft and that too not even satisfactorily
  3. Yes but i'm currently just looking for the best desktop computer I can get for 360$ or less, if you can find a better deal please post it. And I dont care if I have to use medium to low video settings or a very low resolution, I get pretty good FPS on most source games on just my junky laptop, I play alot of FPS survival games (Fallout, oblivion, etc.) Source games(CS:GO, TF2, CS:Source, Garrys Mod) and any free games on steam(Alien Swarm, Fallen Earth, Moonbase Alpha, Loadout, No More Room In Hell, etc.) and yes I do play Minecraft.
  4. Dont buy a computer that cheap. Save a couple hundred more and get a better one.

    If you HAVE to get a computer..
  5. Also I am willing to do small overclocks on the CPU or graphics card, I would of course have to learn how to do that first. Also I already have a Monitor(A plain old flat screen) and a mouse and keyboard, and im currently working on getting my Razer Tiamat 2.2 headset fixed, I do have acces to an ethernet cable so the computer dosent need wifi(This is obvious but I thought I should mention it)
  6. Maximanders, is that PC better then the one I posted?
  7. Because it cost more than the price I posted.
  8. Crossbow the computer posted by Maximanders has a slightly higher performance cpu but is less capable graphics wise. With either system you won't really be able to do any serious gaming on high graphics settings and could experience issues even at minimum settings on more demanding games but either should run most games to some extent.

    It doesn't sound like long term you are going to be playing highly demanding games and either system is capable of some expansion the I3 intel system is built using commercial parts and should be able to be expanded fairly inexpensively over time to an I-5 ivy bridge system with up to a mid grade enthusiast graphics card like a 7770. If you wait for those parts to be available on the secondary market (should be fairly common in about 6 months) you could build it to be a very capable system with little cost in that time frame. Which would give you a very good gaming experience.

    The AMD system is slightly more capable for gaming out of the box (neither is good but both should be able to run most things with graphics way down.) It has an FM2 motherboard. What worries me about it is no one knows what the motherboard is nor what the power-supply is. In theory it should be able to handle an A-10 or athlon with a discrete card but Its really dependent on the mo-board its bios and what HP has done for options that they sell with that model.... In the end that system would be a capable enough gaming computer but not as good as what could be achieved using the Intel as a framework.
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    This is the best I could come up with...

    It will play everything you want, and at even medium settings flawlessly for most parts.

    It would be much much better than your system, for extra 30 dollars.
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