Gtx 780ti Sli setup fps drop issue

Hello, I have 2 gtx 780ti's in sli and every single game i play drop frames after about 10 sec to about 10 minutes of gametime, before i added a second 780ti this was never an issue, Please help me so i can enjoy my games without a single fps drop :S

Example, I play Bf4 at ultra setting 1920x1080 and 150% resolution scale with 80-120fps and sometimes it just dropes down to 14-20fps for about 1-2 seconds wich is very annoying in a close quarter fight, It pretty much freezes for about 1-2 seconds putting me at a disadvantage :S
And when i play assasins creed black flag, Im at 60 fps almost all the time and then it desides to drop down to around 40-46fps and then back up to 60 at the exact same spot :S

My System:
I7 4770k @4,0ghz
8gb 1600mhz ram
1000w psu
asus z87 pro motherboard
2x msi gtx 780ti gaming 3gb
a 120gb ssd for somegames and a 1tb drive for the rest
I also have a benq XL 2720z 144hz monitor so it should handle up to 144fps without tearing abit :)

PLease help me out! :D

Note: I tried Assasins creed blackflag with exactly the same setting with sli and without, When i only used one card the fps didn't drop once in 10 minutes of playing but with sli enabled on the exact same settings it droped about 10-15 times within the first minute :/ It feels like i spent SOOOOOOOOOO much money on nothing when i bought the second card i honestly thought it would be awsome and beastly but it's nothing but problems and issues all the time :((( Please help me!
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  1. it can be related an internet connection.
  2. I have desent internet so that should not be the problem...
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