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I just bought a new acer computer for light gaming and was wondering if there was any cheap graphics card that only required 300watts power. The plug is a pcie x16 running windows 8. If you need any more information I would happy reply. Thanks.
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    A gtx 750/750ti your best bets when it comes to low power. They're also all between $100 and $150 as far as price range.
  2. I don't know if you have a psu of 300watts that supports your whole system or you just want gpu that requires 300watts?
    Leaving that aside here is Tom's list for best gpu for money of feb month which you might want to take a look:,3107.html
  3. the gtx 750 or the 750 ti is going to be your best bet. they get all their power from the pcie lane which tops out at 75 watts.
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