Anyone OCD about their electronics?

I need some advice. I have some cleaning ocd and always want my electronics to be neat and tidy. Last night I was playing my ps3 and think i got coffee on my hand, then touched the controller. I got like 4 cloths and cleaning supplies to clean it. I also think I touched the keyboard in the process, same deal with the cleaning. My question is for people who take good care of their stuff and know technology, what would you do in a situation where you "think" you got coffee on your hand and touched one of your devices. Also, do you wash your hands everutime before using your electronics? If you dont do you continue to dust normally?
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    most people dust monthly, and say wipe down their keyboard perhaps weekly or if they get something visible on it. your level of cleaning is considered above average level of OCD. if my hands are clean (wash them after eating, bathroom, or say wearing gloves) then i don't bother to wipe down my electronics. I will however wipe down my keyboard and mouse regularily. Finger oil and just general use will not harm electronics (unless your hands are still dripping with coffee of course).

    there is nothing wrong with your method of cleaning, but do be careful what you use on the rubber parts of your controller, as some products may degrade the rubber. it is unnecessary though, and your time could be better spent reading a book or gaming
  2. oh yeah.i remember once,ok twice,i spilled beer on my keyboard.terrible feeling that.but a quick run thru the shower and a day to dry out and 7 years later its still going cant be too careful.
  3. Yep, you can even wash your components, but just make sure you give them LOTS of time to dry (do not was components with a built in battery or a battery of any kind installed)
  4. actually,in 7 years,mine has had 3 showers. its an old logitech keyboard,wireless mouse combo.its a good thing i touch type as a lot of the keys have the letters worn right would recommend logitech anyday.
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