Temperature issue, need advice on a cooling system

So, recently i started to encounter an issue with my cpu getting extremely hot when gaming. I am running an AMD FX 8120 @ 3100 MHz (max : 4020) on a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 (Rev 1.1) Mobo. I am pretty new to having to cool my system and i seem to see liquid cooling is the way to go. My question is what brand and what product is best to go with? Also my GPU is getting very hot as well so I need to cool that. So i would like to know where to start with that as well.I am running an AMD Radeon HD 6570 low profile. Any tips and advice is much appreciated.
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  1. What is "hot?" CPU is >70c and GPU is >80c. Also, running that GPU with that CPU is kinda odd.
  2. Liquid cooling would not be necessary in your case.

    Go with an aftermarket CPU cooler, and you'll see much better temperatures.

    I personally suggest this cooler, (please make sure it fits in your case, though!):
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
  3. how many fan do you have in the case and how they set as input and output also this gpu is not for high gaming .
  4. make sure theres good ventilation in case and possibly a new thermal paste will help temperatures with your cpu and possibly your gpu
  5. Your stock cooler should be doing fine. Since you dont have a beefy graphics card you shouldnt be putting strain on your cpu. Unless your redering alot. So i would suggest running something to show you your cpu actual temprature. Check where your fans are and if the computer can "breath". Then check your thermal paste.

    But in your case i really dont think that either a aftermarket cooler or watercooling would be the way to go. Your better off finding why its so hot first and for most
  6. mastercormic said:
    make sure theres good ventilation in case and possibly a new thermal paste will help temperatures with your cpu and possibly your gpu

    Yes, if both are getting hot, then poor case ventilation is quite possibly the reason. That or your components are clogged with dust.
  7. but yeah the case is very poorly ventilated so i will need to replace that. But as far as fans within the case. I have the stock cpu cooler and a large one that came with the case. Does anybody have any recommendations/links to a better ventilated case. Money is not an issue. I checked on the dust situation and that isn't my problem everything is clean. So if anyone could put a few links down for a better case, Cpu cooling, and a gpu that is compatible with my system and is mid-range gaming card. that would be really cool so i can fix this stuff.

    but the Temps while in the menu of COD, right before the computer completely shuts off as if the power cord has been unpluggged are.

    CPU - 87c
    GPU - 86c
  8. Any case with frontal fans + top fan + rear fan is going to be good. There are many, many cases below $100 that offer that. Antec 300 is pretty popular and is $50.
  9. I run a NZXT source 210 elite. While it is a bit thin it has a crap-ton of fan mounts.
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    see the psecs of this one i got the first model great air flow and many fan you could use in
  11. Thank you so much for the info guys, its now time to implement all of your suggestions. You helped me out tremendously. I ordered the CM Storm Scout 2 tower and the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO. So we shall see if my problems go away and i can start gaming again.
  12. you will have fun case come with front and rear fan but you could had a optional fan if you need them .
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