HI guys iam nigi i need to know what games i can run with my configuration

Intel dg31pr motherboard
intel e8200 2.66 ghz core2duo processor 6mbcache memory
transcend 2gb ddr2 ram
zotac nividia 610 2gb synergy edioton graphic card
1024*768 screen resolution
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  1. What is probably easier is to figure out what games you want to play and go from there. That said with the current configuration that you mentioned you have it will probably only run games that are a bit older. Indie titles among others are what come to mind. Unfortunately the specs you're running are not very powerful.
  2. you can play crysis 2 on that with very low settings and 800x600 for 50 fps
    note : this is base on personal experience(i had that card for one day and it did)
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    mayb everthing with ULTRA LOW SETTINGS. most games will lag but if your to get another card get the 7750 or 7770 or 250x
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