Please HELP! Windows xp, no administrator account, taskbar, task manager, and explorer.exe error

Hi so lately my computer has been getting worse and worse. When it starts it doesn't come up with the task bar or icons. this wasn't too bad as I could still access things through the task manager but now it says that the task manager has been disabled by the administrator. I have followed other forums instructions on repairing this issue eg; reg file, enabling through regedit, and gpedit... nothing works! please help!!
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  1. Sounds like a virus. Seen a few of those over the years.
  2. The fact that the taskbar isn't loading normally means explorer.exe isn't starting. However, I agree, it does sound like a particularly nasty virus. Here is a direct link to the Windows XP version of Malwarebytes, a free and particularly reliable antivirus:
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    Booting off a rescue disk from an antivirus company may help, although that won't fix any issues caused by a virus, just remove the virus. You'll probably have to run at least a Repair setup of Windows after things are cleaned out (assuming it's actually a virus causing this which sounds like it).

    Avira Antivir has a rescue disk I've used several times that works well. Malwarebytes is a good one also, you'll want to run it from Safe Mode.
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