video game lag spikes

Processor: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7520G

Total RAM: 5.5 GB
when i play a military game call warface I occasionally get these lag spike that last 5-10 seconds
but when i play its usually fine at medium-high but its better at low.
these lag spikes are random in any situation I'm in except for the main menus.

If you know my problem I would greatly appreciate it because I know I sure don't.
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  1. 1. Well first if your on steam check the cache on all of your games or reinstall the games if not (remembering to copy the save game files)
    2. See if you can install an older driver to see if that will resolve your issue
    3. The GPU could be overheating
    4. Your ram could be the issue, try and take the sticks out and re-insert them
    5. De-fragment your Hard Drive
  2. tried...non sorry
  3. Most of the time when you get lags is cause from heat. Are you checking your temps from the CCC or a program? I saw people here that said that it wasn't heat and it turned out to be heat.

    Then there is possibility it is one of your GPU's going out.
    GPU would be my last guess.
    Download MSI Afterburner to check your gpu temp
  4. Well no because these lags happen even when I first start up my PC and start playing.
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    then it looks like a memory overflow error. where the gpu is displaying memory to the screen. normally it happens whenyou have a driver that is incopatable with the gfx in some for the lagspikes. what your seeing isthe game stuttering when it gets a sudden increase in demand. the best thing to do is limit the amount of frames your displaying.if you limit the upper frame limit then the lower frame limit should come up and even out the can do this 2 ways. either adjusting an in game cvar or vsync... adjusting via the game isntalways possible.
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