Can i connect a 6GB/s HDD on a 3GB/s SATA port? (NEED ADVICE)

Hi, I have WD Green caviar 2TB 6GB/s on my build, and i just bought a Samsung 840 EVO Series 250gb SSD. Well the thing is that my motherboard only has support for 1 6GB/s SATA slot and 5 other 3GB/s SATA slots, i'm not sure wether to connect the ssd to the first slot and use the HDD on the second slot, or should I connect the ssd to the second SATA slot?

What do you guys recommend me to do?

Here is my motherboard in case you are curious:
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    You can, they will just run at sata 3gb speeds, put your ssd in the 6gb/s port and the other hard drives in the sata3gb/s
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