New Build ( Kind of ) Beeps once while starting up

Okay just got my final part of my gaming computer that was an xfx 280x.

Lately i discovered that when I start my PC in the morning it gives a small beep and then starts up normally , Its just a Normal beep, is it something to worry about?
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    It's a P.O.S.T. (Power On Self Test) Beep and is normal.
  2. nothing to worry about ;)
  3. Yes, it's normal, it's just the PC going through the POST (power on self-test). It just depends on your motherboard, usually I've found that it happens on the older computers I've worked on (Pentium D, etc...) and if it has a built-in speaker or not.

    EDIT: oops, I took so long to answer that I didn't realise that others had already answered
  4. Thank god , thanks for the answers.
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