Will 1.65v ram work in 1.5v dimm slots?

Ive got a gigabyte a88xn-wifi board that says the dimm slots are rated 1.5volts but my amd r9 2400mhz ram is 1.65v will it still work at the perscribed 2400mhz?
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  1. i think the slot will give 1.65v to the ram when installed.
    it automatically detects that it need 1.65v.
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    It will more than likely default to 1333 and 1.5, then you have to set the sticks to 2400 either manually or via DOCP, EOCP or XMP (depending on which your mobo utilizes for DRAMprofiles, but Yes, the mobo should take the 1.65 with no problem
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