on bootup CPU LED is red, computer shuts down in 3 seconds, reboots, shuts down, repeat...

New build worked fine for about a week, then i tried to install a Corsair H100i cpu liquid cooling unit. After I installed and tried to boot up the computer, it turned off after 3 seconds of being on and then turned off, then on, then off, and repeated this until I switched off the power supply.

I assumed I got a bad corsair cooling unit, but when i re-installed the stock i7 heat-sink and fan and tried to power up my system, the same thing happened as before (power off after 3 seconds, on, off, and repeat).

The only wire i removed to install the h100i was the 4 pin CPU fan plug, otherwise all other wires are exactly as they were when my computer worked.

I noticed that the CPU LED on my mobo was red and stayed red until the power automatically turned off. MoBo manual vaguely says that the LED means the problem is with my CPU.

I've tried reapplying the thermal paste and remounting the heat-sink multiple times with both the h100i and the stock cooler unit. Still the same result. Since i never removed the CPU after the computer initially worked properly, i assume the pins are not bent or dirty. Also, I'm guessing that the shutdowns are suppose to prevent overheating, which means that the cpu shouldn't be burned out and useless, as the shutdown precautions are suppose to prevent this type of thing. so why doesn't it work with the stock cooler as it did before?

I have a brand $1500 paperweight until this gets fixed. Please, can anyone help me???

I'm not sure what information i should be providing but below is a list of the parts for my build.

New build:
MoBo = P8Z77-V Pro
CPU = intel i7 3770
thermal Compound = arctic silver 5
PSU = hiper R 580 Watts ( it's being reused from older computer)
RAM = 2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600
Case = HAF X
OS = Windows 8.1
no GPU
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  1. Got it... the power plug to the cpu came undone... I think my case is called the haf x because it's ginormous and a half... I'm going to go finish feeling stupid now...
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