ECS 945G-M3 mobo audio drivers anyone ?

Hey guys

Recently picked up an old PC, works pretty good but no sound. Went to install Realtek HD audio drivers and that didnt work, checked the ECS site and it says the onboard sound is Realtek ALC880 8-channel audio CODEC but i cant find a version for Win7 is it not supported past vista ?
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  1. have you tried installing the vista version? It might still install.
  2. I tried it on compatability mode with vista SP2 and it gave a different error :/
  3. das_stig said:

    Downloading now, not sure how i missed that xD thankyou i'll update after ive installed it.
  4. So i installed it and now my sound output (green) is working fine. Input (pink) isn't though it just wont pick it up at all :/, tried 2 seperate headsets and also switched front panel from another PC so i know the panel works perfectly fine and both headsets work on the other PC too.

  5. so it works? I'd check the properties and change the quality to 24 bit, 96000Hz or higher.
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