is it necessary to erase (sweep) old Nvidia drivers for updating? and going to safe mode for that?

i recently changed to Nvidia from Radeon which i used to simply download the latest driver and run its setup but now on my first update of Nvidia first i got an error in the end, all factors were "not installed" except physicX which said that was already there, i was completely confused
when checked the Display Driver folder, i noticed there're three folder in there,
one was the first driver i installed,
second was the beta driver
and third was this new driver which failed to install
when i checked the net, it was all sweeping cleaning thing,
c'mon its really a simple update, why Nvidia is that complex?

do i really need to go to download sweep driver, go to safe mode, do all those stuff and come back on windows blah blah blah?
when i want to update from Nvidia Experience menu, it gives an error every time, "can't connect to Nvidia" or "can't connect to internet" and one time i was on 80% and it failed,

im really having a hard time updating what i used to do with a simple click on Radeon
can somebody please explain to me whats going on?
edit: thanks lol
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  1. its completely up, i just tried uninstalling it from program and features, first its a 6 or 7 entry list, second, all need a restart and wont let u continue until you restart the damn puter, its holy retarded
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