RAM: Quad core with 2x4 GB installed DDR3 for desktop, upgrading question

All I think I know based on reading about RAM is that it can't be laptop RAM and that all the RAM has to be the same amount in order for it to be used to its full potential.

It's a gaming computer so I assume the pre-installed RAM is for gaming.

It has 8 GB from 2x4 GB RAM sticks.

I wanted to know if when looking for upgrades....

0. All RAM has to be the same amount to get the best use out of it, true?
1. Does the voltage matter?
2. Does the brand matter?
3. Is DDR3 the only thing that matters, assuming it matters? (is there anything else that matters?)

thank you people of TH. I'm hoping to upgrade to 16 GB smoothly

Same brand, same memory amount, DDR3, same voltage.
2 Banks.

This is what I'm understanding from further research. I suppose I should open the computer up and find out what kind of RAM sticks I have so I can buy the same type from the same maker.

Gah people this was a yes or no series of simple questions.


so based on responses...

we're talking... get 4x4 GB ... same model/type as what came pre-installed (it's a pre-bought pc)
cpu is i7 4770 (no letter model)
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  1. brand and fsb really matters i checked also in my pc and much effects get same brand with same fsb.
    download cpu-z as it will tell u everyting of uer ram brand,voltage,fsb everything.
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    DRAM is not based on FSB, get CPU-Z and look in the SPD tab it will give the model number of your current DRAM next to part number, big question will be what mobo and CPU to find the best DRAM, also keep in mind there's no guarantee in mixing DRAM, best bet is a full set of the amount you want
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