i7 4770 temp around 73C

I was wondering if its normal to have cpu temp of 71-73 celsius with i7 4770 when gaming. I have stock cpu cooler. I play guildwars 2 with high graphic settings. When not gaming i get 36-40C. I didint do any overclock. Thanks for answers.
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    Perfectly normal.
    Just try to stay under 90C, but even that is not damaging.
  2. thanks! will there be no harm if i stick with the stock cooler or after market is better in long run?
  3. Only get an aftermarket cooler if you are planning to overclock. No use getting it otherwise.
  4. The temp is a little bit concerning; what is your ambient temperature and does your case have good airflow? You typically would expect a bit cooler temperatures, but the CPU's safe temp is 90C, and it will throttle when it reaches ~105C

    But all in all, that temperature is not unsafe, well within design spec's, so you have nothing to worry about (lots of people ignore the safe envelope, and only focus on the fact that their chip isn't ambient +5C...) :)
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