How hard would it be to change out my cpu for a new one

I've never upgraded cpu's before. I currently have an I5 3570k which is still a great cpu. I'm waiting on the new ones to come out before I do anything. How simple/hard is it to upgrade basically? What needs to be done?
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  1. As long as you're running windows 7 you should be fine. It will detect and install a default driver - it's then advisable to update the drivers manually.

    What are you using your computer for? If it's just gaming you won't see a massive increase in performance, you'd be best placing the money elsewhere (GPU, SSD, RAM).
  2. you would need a new mainboard for the new cpu, since your 3570k is socket 1155, the newer intel haswell cpus are 1150 and for broadwell which comes after that you'll probably need a different board as well, because even if it will be socket 1150 too, there will be another chipset (9-series) to accompany the new microarchitecture.

    apart from that installing/changing a cpu isn't very hard. just watch a few youtube videos if you have never done it yourself and it should be managable.
  3. As of right now, can anybody name some cpu's that would actually be a decent upgrade?
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    Why do you feel the need to upgrade? The 3570k is a great CPU and the motherboard you have lets you easily overclock it. The new Haswell CPUs require a new socket, LGA1150, so you'll also need a new motherboard. The rest of your components should be fine but if you have an OEM version of Windows, it'll need to be reactivated.

    Besides that, you're good to go, but I don't see the point. Stick with what you have and overclock if you want a performance boost. Don't waste your money on a CPU and motherboard that will offer a meaningless improvement.
  5. Arishok N7 said:
    As of right now, can anybody name some cpu's that would actually be a decent upgrade?

    there is none. the only cpu you _can_ upgrade to is the $300 i7 3770k, but it's only 100mhz faster, which doesn't really matter since you can overclock your 3570k much higher than that in just two minutes.

    may i ask why you feel the need to throw money at a new cpu when your ~1yo 3570k is still more than capable?
  6. Arishok N7 said:
    As of right now, can anybody name some cpu's that would actually be a decent upgrade?

    The most cost effective CPU upgrade you could make would be to get the i7-3770K, although the main advantage you would see would be performance in multi-threaded apps. For gaming, you would be better served with an overclocked i5. Look into getting a nice cooler. Like the NH D14.

    There's little sense in upgrading your CPU right now. If and when you do, however, get a new motherboard and a Haswell processor. That way you can use your upgrade for the next generation or so.

    I wouldn't really recommend you do much with your current build though. Maybe get a cooler and overclock your i5.

    Just keep in mind that any CPU upgrade you can make right now won't get you much more performance than what you already have and your money would be better spent in the graphics department. :P
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