my pc won't load any hard drive. it shows in the bios option, but goes no where when try to boot or install windows

My old SATA hard drive crashed so I bought a new one, but I cannot get it to let me load windows 7 on it. When I connect it to the PC and run through it starts to read the CD, but then says no bootable device. I can't figure out why it won't load the harddrive or windows. It shows the harddrive is connected to the 0 SATA port, but the BIOS says no harddrive connected. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. what is your mobo and bios settings?
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    Also, double check that you have both the data and power connectors firmly attached to the new HDD and to the motherboard (for the data cable).

    In addition to the previously requested make/model info for your motherboard, what make/model of HDD did you install?
  3. I have this exact same problem and I am so frustrated. I already checked cables and reset bios. Please help. I bought a new hdd, the same as stock for my asus u47a.
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