Is it possible to test my components with this motherboard?

Hello, I have been having pc freezing problems , tried many diffirent solutions yet none helped. I was adviced to try and use another motherboard for a month. Yesterday, one of my friends gave me this cheap mobo, Asrock h61m-vg3 . I have my doubts if it will even be able to run with my components.
My current componets are:
Corsair CX500
Intel i5 3570 3.4Ghz
Corsair VEngeance 4gb x2
Asus gtx660

I want to know if this mobo will be able to handle it. I was having pc freezes in games, so I do plan on playing on it. Honestly, visually it looks terrible, but I have no other options.

this is the mobo
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  1. Who cares what the board looks like?

    The board lists support for your cpu, and the video card should work ok.

    Swapping a board may cause Windows to request a reactivation. Windows does NOT want to see the board swapped out to be honest, it may give you issues now or on the other board. You may have to call MS to get it sorted.
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