Building a cheap gaming pc-Will this run games like bf4?

Here is what I think will do it's job:
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 740 3.2 Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon HD 7790 2GB 128-bit
RAM: 2x4GB Kingston 1333MHz
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1Tb SATA 3 7200RPM
PSU: RPC 400W (Is it enough?)
CPU cooler: PLS help with this one!
What's missing? Excluding the Opt. Drive
What do you think about it?
Will it run decent games on High settings? (I really don't need Ultra settings)
Other suggestions? Better performance , lower price?
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  1. it will run at a good high settings not the highest resolution also that psu is not good may explode no joke.
  2. You can probably run it on around medium settings. The biggest thing would be turning down the anti-aliasing and post processing
  3. It can run games at high settings at 720p, but like ModernWarfare said, Get a quality PSU.
  4. Okay let's be serious: medium settings? My low laptop (k55dr) car run it on medium with 30 fps. No high settings?
    BTW thanks for the links
  5. What the screen resolution of your laptop?
  6. no it will not run games at medium it will run games at high-ultra depending on the game and resolution 7790 is a decent card and also the x4 is a very solid choice for the price and the performance.
  7. If it is 720p then that is true but at 1080p it won't
  8. exactly.
  9. Awesome! High-Ultra maybe 50 fps (bf4) ? and my laptop is running at 720p btw!
    Thank you all, I think that this is the lowest budget gaming pc ever!
    Now...Over time, can I change the processor, because it has a fm2 socket, are there better fm2 processors?
    And is the GPU compatible with the mobo?
  10. I think the highest processor you can get for this platform is the Athlon II X4 760k. If you want a better upgrade bath you will have to get a FM2+ motherboard, but a better upgrade path with this motherboard is kind of iffy, depending on whether Athlons based on Kaveri chips will be released or not.
  11. But what about the gpu? Did it fits in the mobo?
  12. All modern motherboards have PCIe slots and all GFX cards available at the moment use PCIe slots, so yeah.
  13. Thanks for the answers...Still confused which answer should I pick :).
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