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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here after 3 long years and I am seeking input for getting a new Pc. I thank you in advance for reading.I am 16 years old and want to gift my little bro who is 12 a custom built pc because the poor lad has got his knee badly injured in a football match and hasn't been able to leave the house since 2 months now after his surgery.He is bored to death now since our current old rig just cant run anything even respectable on it xD.Thanks again not only to the guys who are helping me out but to every person on this site who has answered or solved at least 1 person's problem.It really is inspiring to see soo many people share their extensive hard earned knowledge through years of experience to someone completely random over the internet GJ ALL :).The least i can do to honor u guys is post my queries in the way this site has requested so here i go.

Approximate Purchase Date:10 days (his b'day on the 2nd of March)

Budget Range: 400$/25000Rs can stretch to max 28-30 (6 long months to save from my pocket;p)

System Usage: 90%gaming 10%surfing

Are you buying a monitor: No

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website for Parts: ( this is the only legit site i have found which has the approx prices the rest online sites i found had many cases of fraud in their reviews sadly)
no worries tough this is just for getting the grand total i will be buying the parts from the local dealer in my city.

Location: Mumbai, India

Parts Preference: Would really like if u guys could Build around the Fx6300 as i am getting it here for 7k which would leave more room for the gpu or ram rather than buying a costly i3-i5.Prices here are a lot more than all over Eu/Na because almost all parts are imported i guess.

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire:No

Monitor Resolution: 1600x900 (6month old syncmasterB2030)

Additional Comments:Forgot to mention that the Case, psu, keyboard, mouse, SSd,Hdd, soundcard and optical drives are all on a separate budget that will be paid by my parents.Also the games that my lil bro likes to play are mostly League of legends, Farcry2, Cs:Go , minecraft and keeps downloading old games like doom3, deus;ex series , fallout series bt those are all the old games.I want him to be able to play all the new games he keeps watching trailers of on youtube like farcry3 ,AC:blackflag and watchdogs.

Why Am I Upgrading; My current specs ; amd phenom x2 545 , 3 gigs of ram and a graphic card soo old (2.5years) i cannot even remember the name.His favorite game is League of legends and even tough it has a low requirement the pc barely touches 35 fps at the lowest settings possible and he has to disable all sound so that it is lag free :( My brother has an Account for this game for the past 18 months now and has easily played over a 1000 games so i hope he can play at least his fav game at max settings possible

Thanks again for Everyone who has taken their precious time to read this long post and help me with my query :)
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  1. So you really only need cpu, mother board, GPU and ram.
    8gb is plenty

    Any low/med end z78 mobo

    I5 is all you need for gaming/surfing etc.

    i would recommend 770 or 280x gpu. Since your display resolution is low you could go one step lower. 760/270x no problem and still get the desired gaming performance.

    This could be done easily within budget. I don't have a login with quoted price guide, however if you do it your self with the recommendations above it should fit your budget EASILY. The 770/280x will add significantly to expenditure so add the lower spec GPU's if needed. You will have a decent gaming rig either way.

    If you at any time wanted to upgrade to 1080p display you would be then be ok also.

    Hope this helps.
  2. the cpu and gpu alone blow up my budget bro ^^
    hate that my noob country is soo overpriced ;d
  3. Best answer
    ok, then...

    fx 6100 8000r

    gtx 650ti 14000r

    8gb cosair vengeance 3000r

    Gigabyte GA-970-DS3 5800R

    Using different brands with same H/W specs one could get this even lower. You should get down to 28000r without to much effort.

    Good luck
  4. thx a Ton for such quick replies man.It seems that the cost of 4gb is 3000 now can i cut down on either the gpu or my mobo ?
  5. That's a tough one because you want your brother to play new titles at higher settings.

    i am reluctant to recommend any thing lower, as you want a good lag free budget gaming experience, not a slide show on top end games.

    So i don't know what else to suggest. You could get away with 1 x4gb ddr3 stick of memory and add another 4gb stick later when your able too.

    Hope that helps.
  6. yes that Definitely helps man Thanks a LOT again and ye i do want him to be able to play all the games on best settings i think i can save 3k in 10 days to get that 2nd stick. :) TY AGAIN BRO :) i will close this thread and send u a Pm of what graphic card companies i should avoid if any
  7. ok, hope your brother's knee comes right. All the best

  8. I would recommend an AMD athlon x4 760k, crucial ballistix sport 4gb(cheaper, though 8gb is more worth your money), a asus radeon r7 250, and an msi a78m e45

    The mobo (msi a78m e45) is a really good choice, it costs very little, but can accommodate everything for a very low budget pc.

    The crucial ballistix sport is nice and cheap, and whilst 4gb fits your low budget, if you did want a ram upgrade, the motherboard allows another stick, so you could annother.

    The athlon has 6 cores, and is overclockable, so you have that option if you want.It is a decent price for a low budget, and a brilliant little cpu i used as a kickstarter for my first gaming rig as it has great capabilities for a beginner or low budget pc.

    Finally, the radeon r7 is a fantastic budget card that runs well most games. I played bf4 at 47 fps on this card-which is very decent if you consider how good looking the game is! This card earned a 6/10 on gpu boss, but lets not forget that that site compares against all the other really high end graphics cards, so 6 is very good for a low budget card.

    Hope i helped
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