Nvidia driver 334.89 BSOD after enabling SLI

My system:

i7-3770K (@4.2)
2x gtx 780 Ti (EVGA SC w/ACX)
16 GB DDR3 2133 Corsair Dom. Pt
2x 256GB SSDs (Samsung 830)
1000 W PSU (Seasonic Platinum)
Custom Watercooling

3x1080p (ASUS VH242H)
Central monitor is plugged into the top gpu. The two flanking are plugged into the bottom gpu. All are plugged into the DVI ports.

System played all games (BF4, BL2, Crysis 3, etc.) with no problems using 332.21. When prompted, I selected custom/clean installation. After the installation was complete, the only active display was the left most screen. When the choice to "Span displays with Surround" is applied, Nvidia Control Panel switches back to "Disable SLI" and now the only active screen is the central one. When the "Span displays with Surround" is applied again, the PC BSODs. The problem was repeatable. I then reinstalled the 334.89 drivers were using the same options and restarted the PC. Same problems. I reverted back to the 332.21 drivers using the same install options. Same problems. The 334.89 drivers were reinstalled after manual unistalling 332.21 drivers from the windows 7 control panel, but to no avail, same problems.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. I just reset the CPU to stock. Same problem
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