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I currently have a AMD Athlon 64 2650e / 1.6 GHz and I was thinking of upgrading to a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ how much increase in speed would i see any thing noticeable.

The reason I am asking about the Athlon 64 X2 5200+ is I can get one from a friend for $15 and want to know if it is worth it
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  1. depends on your motherboard but yes at that price it would be worth it. just make sure your motherboard will support it.
  2. Yes I know my motherboard supports its. How much difference would the speed be sort of noticeable or like night and day or hardly at all
  3. so the difference would be like night and day i assume. I am just using it to open programs and stuff. My old processor I just cant do alot when I go to open the internet and another things it slows way down. The internet explorer locks up when trying to use a large webpage like ebay i have to wait like 10 seconds before i can type.
  4. I have an old athlon 64 x2 5200+ machine running win xp that I used to use for light stuff. It runs pretty well. I used to have about 10-20 tabs open, switching between them and stuff. It isn't super responsive but it will be more than 15.00 better. For that price you can't say no to this. It isn't like you are spending 100.00 here, for 15 it is very well worth it. But if IE was freezing on you, you might have other problems other than a slow cpu.

    Also, don't use IE. The only good use for IE is to download a better browser.
  5. How much RAM do you have and what kind and frequency?
  6. I got 2gb but I dont need to have 15-20 tabs open i just need like 5-7 tabs open at the most
  7. I have another pc that has a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 and 2gb of ram and its plenty fast enough for me. I was just wonder if I had this Amd 5200+ it will be the same speed as the intel in my other pc.
  8. But would I notice a great difference If i get the amd 5200+ over my cpu now . like opening up applications and no pc lockups
  9. for pc lockups, there is likely another cause, however for 15.00 you'd be crazy not to take it provided you use that pc often enough. the speed of the cpu is greatly improved. there is over 1 ghz difference between the two.

    I don't know how to put this any other way.
  10. so should should make it run alot faster (sorry new to this) One other question my power supply is 220 watts and my current CPU is 15watts would adding this cpu which is 65watts harm my system or burn out the motherboard or the power supply. Can the power supply handle this
  11. do you have a graphics card? if not than you should be ok but you might be cutting it close. assume 75w for the motherboard (and onboard graphics), and 65w for the cpu, 10w for the hard drive, 10w per fan in your case and 10w for the cd drive.

    I didn't realize your psu was so low wattage, but if you're running onboard graphics then you should be ok.
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    You should be able to notice a difference. Not only will there be a 69% increase in clockspeed, you will also be going from a single core CPU to a dual core CPU.

    Windows should load a little faster and if you have been noticing any pauses when launching programs they should disappear or at the very least be less noticeable. The internet has become a lot more CPU intensive and graphics intensive since the AMD Athlon 64 2650e was released. I have an old IBM ThinkPad T40 (2003) which uses a single core Pentium M 1.5GHz CPU and back when it was new I had no problems surfing the net and doing other things at the same. Fast forward to 2008, I noticed a bit of lag when surfing the net. If I use it today it would struggle to chug along surfing the net.
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