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I have an Asus G75 I really like it. My only complaint is that it generates a lot of heat and my office is small and not well ventilated.

It may just be a fact of having a gaming laptop but can anyone recommend one that generates less heat? I was looking at the Alienware 18 but the size of the vents makes me think it will not be better than the Asus. Loud fans would be a big negative for me too.

Thank you in advance for your comments.
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  1. Search is my friend. That one is pretty close to my answer. Looks like the newer Asus is an option.
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    If I was looking for a gaming laptop that could potential have very good ventilation and be relatively quiet, then I would consider something like the Gigabyte P-25k-CF2 which has dual fans and dual exhaust; one dedicated to the CPU and the other for the GPU. Since each has it's own fan, then potentially each fan can run slower compared to gaming laptops with a single fan that must push enough air to cool both CPU and GPU.

    The P25W-CF3 has a more powerful graphics card and a higher price

    Here's a list of all Gigabyte laptops sold by XoticPC.
  3. You can set up one of the power profiles to help reduce heat when in the office. For example, just use the "Energy Star" / "Super Saving" (or something like that) profile and maybe change a few settings like 25% maximum PC performance and set cooling to passive mode rather than active.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I don't have any experience with Gigabyte but I will do some reading. I have tried dialing down the settings but I notice the performance hit that you describe. I also should have been more specific. My office in question is my home office where I do all of my gaming.
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