Could i run minecraft at 30 fps + whilst recording

my specs are

Intel i7 4770k
gtx 650 x2 overclocked
10gb ram
msi z87 motherboard
500w power supply
1.5tb of memory
128 gb ssd

if not what fps do you think i would get and if not what could i do to make it run faster
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  1. Minecraft isn't very hard to run, you'll be fine
  2. ye but when i am recording will it be able to run at 30fps + whilst recording
  3. it will but how do you have dual 650
  4. Yes it should be fine, I can record more intensive games on my 3570K + 7950
  5. You're fine, you would get over 500 fps with that build...
  6. yes i do have 2 gtx 650 overclocked in sli and i dont think i would get as high as 500 with fraps
  7. i dont think gtx 650 supports sli
  8. Best answer
    I use 1 gtx 650 ti 2 gb and get over 500 fps (Not fullscreen) with Fraps. You're good in fullscreen too, you would still get higher than 200 fps...
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