Nividia geforce 6200 le 1 gb vga 3 gb ram gta iv not working please help me!

my pc core 2 du ram 3 gb graphic 1 gb but gta iv not detect my nividia geforce6200 le how to detect it please contact me at my
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  1. i think that GFX card is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to old to run GTA4
  2. yes but i want to run gta iv faster without lag in 6200 le 1 gb its hanging not working ok i think its problem with nvidia it cant detect!
    please help me! how to detect nvidia
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    GTA IV isnt a perfect or good port, and even on newer powerful systems it doesnt work great.
    So likely you can't run it faster. if the game couldn't detect your card you wouldn't get any video at all.
    Unless you were using the onboard graphics before and then installed a video card and never switched the cables over to the card and also disabled the onboard graphics in the bios.
  4. the 6200 cant run gta 4 :( minimum is Nvidia 7900gt and as James said the Gta 4 is badly ported. it does not run well even in some high end pcs.
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