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Hi all. Need some advice on my home made water cooling kit. Basically I got a submerged pump. Yes my pump is inside my resovoir and I'm using koolance cooling fluid. And noticed after I filled up, the coolant label says it is conductive. Since my pump is submerged, if it short circuits would I electrocute my entire system and would earthing the fluid make a difference. This cooling system is only cooling my GPU. If you would like more info please ask. Thank you
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  1. Yes, it could. Current would go through the water into your GPU frying it and most likely your motherboard and possibly other components.

    You should switch to non conductive coolant if you want the risk to be lower.
  2. This all depends on your pump. If it is meant o be submerged then you should be fine. Submerged pumps are usually fully watertight - no electricity reaches the conductive parts.
  3. It is meant to be submerged. And only submerged. It has an open base for drawing in water and a single nozzle where water pumps out from. I would think any submerged pump would have countermeasures against leaks and stuff after all it is originally meant for an aquarium. But I bought it for £17, made in China and its unbranded. Guess that's the whole reason I'm worried. Also when I opened the 3pin plug there was only 2 wires in there, live and neutral. No earth wire :/
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    Does it have a transformer between the pump and the wall outlet? If there is a transformer, it will be low voltage with very little risk of electrocution. With a "cheap" pump like this make sure you monitor your temps in case of pump failure.
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