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I have an Asus Radeon Matrix HD7970 graphics card in my machine. I am currently looking into getting another card to run alongside it in a crossfire configuration to run three full resolution monitors that are already running quite well on the Asus card. However, the new wave of R9 cards has just been released. I Would like to know what would offer the best performance in a crossfire setup, another 7970, or an R9 with similar specs as either the main, or secondary card, preferably keeping the Asus as the primary given its 3 slot height. If the Asus card is bumped to the secondary position, this covers the third PCIe slot on my motherboard, which is being kept in reserve for a lesser card to run three other smaller monitors that sit above the good ones. Yes, I know, I am insane for wanting six monitors, but I have my reasons. I am welcome to suggestions if there is a better way to keep all of them and have the best performance on the bottom three, well, mainly the middle one which delivers the best quality and the vast majority of the gaming is done in. Previously, the other three were running on two Zotac GeForce 550TIs. I also realize that this is wrong, but it was what I had at the time, and it worked. Before a fresh install of 8.1, I have yanked them and only have the bottom three monitors hooked up. I am looking to right the situation.
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    You cant crossfire the r9 series with the 7970 they need to be from the same series. Another 7970 is your option
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