What is a good Virtualization programs that can run Window 7 for Windows 7?

Simply i want to emulate Window 7 so i can practice some of the Command prompt inputs that are particularly dangerous to you system if you use them improperly ie. diskpart which can cause data loss

The problem is i not familiar with Virtualization or Virtualization Programs that are compatible with Windows 7. So any recommendations would be much appreciated.

The i7-3770K has VT-x so it should be able to run Virtualization.
Simply i want to emulate Window 7 so i can practice some of the

My system is as here except I'm using a EVGA GTX 580 instead of the EVGA GTX 670
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  1. I use Oracle Virtualbox, and Have Win XP and Android running under it. Great program, and easy to setup.
    Microsoft has a VM program, but stopped development on it 5 or more years ago.
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    If you have Windows 7 Professional or higher, you can use "Windows XP Mode" which is essentially Microsoft' Virtual PC. Of course, you can always use Oracle' Virtual Box. Having at least 4GB RAM will help a lot.

    Anyway - legally, you need separate license for your virtualised Windows (or use it in "trial" mode without entering a license key during setup).
  3. i'm definitely going to use the trail version because i'm only going to use this for a few days to practice some commands like tracert, ping, diskpart
    its actually for the comptia a+ cert, because they added performance questions that act like a command prompt
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