Hey guys so I'm building my pc quite soon and need help?

Since it will be mostly for gaming so I need like windows 7,8 or is linux ok for gaming?Do I need to buy windows 7 or 8 for gaming?also first time I will boot up pc will it work withought operating system?
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  1. any GOOD gaming is only windows. linux doesn't have any good games. yes you have to buy 7 or 8. the computer will turn on and let you access the bios without windows but you can't do anything on it.
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    Linux does have some games that will work with it but as mentioned most games are designed to run in windows. If you do not have the $ to purchase windows - you can download a copy from digital river (MS's authorized digital download source) and use that to install without activating using a product key and use it for 30 days as a trial (doing this allows you the time to save up to purchase and then you just enter the code after purchase and activate - so no need to reinstall and no loss of data by doing it this way.

    Also Newegg currently has a $20 off special for windows 8.1 using code EMCYTZT5744 it is $79.99 including shipping. ( Deals Expire at
    11:59pm PT on 2/20/2014! )
  3. The Windows license is maybe 10% of a medium-grade gaming PC. And the OS is just as much a part of the PC as is the GPU, CPU, case, whatever.

    You will be highly dissatisfied by trying to game with Linux. That is slowly changing, but not even close to good yet.
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