Is my cpu better than a PS4 ?

My pc specs:

Core 2 quad q6600 2.5 ghz.

Saphirre Amd r7 260x OC 2GB DDR5

Cooler master Cosmos Case

Cooler master 600w PW

Windows 8 Pro 64 bits

Monitor : 1680*1050
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  1. why, you can't play ps4 games on it, you can only play pc games.
  2. that isnt a helpful answer dude
  3. Best answer
    Nope it isn't

    If you're talking about the CPU, the PS4 essentially uses 8 really weak cores (imagine an 8 core version of the E-450 used in cheap laptops), though it's still more powerful than a stock Q6600

    If you're talking about the whole PC, the PS4 will outperform your rig, the 260x is weaker than the APU in the PS4 so overall the PS4 is more powerful either way
  4. The PS4 has better specs.

    PS4 GPU equivalent is ~HD7850, the 260x is a 7790 rebrand.

    And it's a console so games will be better optimized for its hardware.
  5. pc tuns window and other things on it which slows down the pc so the if ps4 is weaker then uer pc it will still outperform because it run games, its optimized for games only.
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