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Is 4GB of VRAM good for what I want? Is a GTX 760 a better choice than a GTX 770?

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February 19, 2014 4:33:47 PM

So, this question is something I've asked on Linus's tech forum earlier, a few days ago. Almost everyone claimed that 4GB of memory on the card would be the better choice for what I play. I only have a 1080p display. However, I plan to play games like Space Engine with high LOD (making much more detailed surfaces), and Skyrim with fairly heavy overhaul mods, potentially some other games with available overhaul mods that are worth while.

Honestly, I don't only play these two games, but I definitely play them quite often and really would love to run Skyrim with premium mods especially.

I plan to go with a GTX 770 4GB from Gigabyte, since the ACX is getting near out of my budget. Although, I'm really curious if getting a 770 is necessary. People say to just get it if I have the money. Which I do, but of course, if I don't 'need' it then I'm totally willing to go with a ~$100 less 760 4GB card instead. My 'budget' is somewhat complex to explain, and isn't very important either, so no need to mention it. I just need to know if it's even necessary to achieve what I want to achieve.

Personally, I really want to be able to play my games at over 60 FPS average. Although, near 60 is enough, as I presume with a 760 (if the choice is made for that card) I will not have over 60 frames on average with Skyrim in all of it's modded glory. Overall though, those two games are the most graphically intensive games that I play, period. So no need to write out a list to make this post even longer for it.

Sorry if this was more lengthy than usual posts, just wanted to make my question somewhat clear, and to explain my situation.

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Best solution

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February 19, 2014 4:59:14 PM

You are better off bypassing the GTX 770 4GB model for a GTX 780 or 780Ti 3GB with 384-bit memory bus.

Both GTX 770 cards(2GB and 4GB are stuck with a 256-bit memory bus)

It sounds absurd for a single display, I know but, you won't need all that capacity on a single display so much as the throughput so the wider memory bus at 3GB would be the better option.

The GTX 760 is a better bang for the buck vs. the GTX 770(price vs. performance)
That being said, the GTX 770 outperforms the GTX 760 by about 20% on most tests. You just end up paying a heap more for that 20% increase.

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